Cam-i 7119 kamera stropper blød fiber klud udsøgte håndlavet kamera halsrem til digitale SLR-kameraer

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  • Mærke: cam·i
  • Brug: Skulder


Baia Sinauridze | 2021-02-04

The belt looks good, beautiful completely matches the seller's photo, sewn neatly, has additional fasteners for cameras in retro-style with metal ears for the strap. Quite dense, does not deform, perfectly holds the shape, because it is ideal for wearing on the neck or shoulder! But if you are an amateur to remove from the hands, like me, then on the wrist it is neat and quickly to wind it is not convenient, just because of its density. It was packed in a pu-soft package and a plastic box from the belt slightly cracked, took a belt for itself, not as a gift, because it was not critical for me, but and

5 / 5

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