BOWBOE mærke candy color gel pen fiber pen Korea monami 3000 akvarel pen konto hook line pen 18/24/36 farve

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Munami Sæt

Størrelse :16.2 cm

Farve :7 muligheder

  • Gel Kuglepen, Blæk Type: Gel-Blæk
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Materiale: Plast
  • Gel Kuglepen, Blæk-Funktion: Normal
  • Mærke: ROWBOE
  • Model-Nummer: ZX19042602
  • Bruger: Kontor & Skole Pen
  • Skriver Punkt: 0.38 mm
  • Sletbare Eller Ikke: No


Cceliamachado | 2020-12-13

Are perfect!!!

5 / 5

Thomy 25rm | 2020-12-05

2020/10/14 the order was made and the package arrived on 2020/11/13 the product was very well packed in a cute bag pink, he arrived with two tattoo leaves as a gift. Comes a warm color box and another cold color box, and a good quality thick spring holds both boxes. The markers are very nice and didn't come damaged some watered a little ink but it wasn't much. The markers are light and there are very nice colors, I haven't laid a chance to test them all yet, but you can do small lettering doing a little pressure. But I don't know if in the long run that's harmful to the markers, the boxes were sealed with a monami sticker. The tips are very fine and good quality, they are in a kind of soft plastic. I am happy with the purchase is a prudent price for a good product. I hope they last long. The box has the monami branding embossed on one of its sides. When I try the markers, I'll place more pictures.

5 / 5

Biel 49familia | 2020-10-26

I like them so much. I odered the 48 and I'm so happy because there is lots of tones!

5 / 5

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