Ponto Pizzaria III


Pronto Pizzaria III has received quite a reputation in Frederiksberg for its Italian pizzas. Many visitors not only visit regularly but travel far distances to taste the delicious food with the prestigious reputation. Many believe that Pronto Pizzaria III merely sells pizzas, nevertheless, to the contrary, Pronto Pizzaria III is also known for pasta and ciabatta sandwiches.

The secret to Pronto Pizzaria III is its collection of employees and suppliers. Pronto Pizzaria III continues to find employees with passion and energy. Similarly, Pronto Pizzaria III continues to find suppliers who meet the needs of its customers in the best way possible in terms of fresh food products. Each ingredient is carefully selected to provide the customers the taste of a real Italian pizza. Therefore, Pronto Pizzaria III takes pride in both its carefully selected employees and suppliers.





The History of Pronto Pizzaria III

Pronto Pizzaria III commenced in its early days with no marketing effort but quickly gained reputation for its delicious pizzas. Prior to its commencement, a small business man with love and passion for delicious food felt that he needed to share his talent and passion for food with his neighbourhood in Frederiksberg. He was quickly rewarded by the locals with acceptance and appreciation and could expect that his business would exist many years in the future. Today, Pronto Pizzaria III is a small part of Italy located in the heart of Copenhagen. Visitors feel invited by Pronto Pizzaria III into a place where the food and culture of Italy can be found.

Pronto Pizzaria III's Menu

Putting the employees and suppliers to aside, the collection of food for our menu is carefully selected as well. Pronto Pizzaria III is proud to offer a set of delicious food at reasonable prices. Try our Italian beverages with a pizza or ciabatta sandwich. All our sandwiches are entirely homemade. We provide our customers discounts, which may bring down the prices to an even more reasonable level. Click on "Menu" in the top of the page to get an overview of all our foods, beverages, and discounts.